Methods of Healing

I apply an array of methods to promote healing in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. This may include a Shamballa Reiki treatment coupled with flower essences. Or we may decide to combine aromatherapy and crystal healing to clear your chakras. Quite often, as we work in one specific area, we soon discover doors into others.

Promoting health and healing within our whole selves

  • Physical - attend to TMJ, muscle and joint pain; recovery from surgery and physical addictions; combat muscle strain, fatigue, trauma and infections; for those with insomnia, treatments can help you find restful sleep.
  • Emotional - create balance in your life; improve coping skills; overcome work-related stress, family issues and difficult relationships; recover from emotional trauma; learn how to listen to your intuition.
  • Mental - find and create time and space for yourself; sharpen your awareness; enhance your clarity and focus; discover your inner voice of truth.
  • Spiritual - connect with your inner spirit as well as the universal spirit; find your place or path; set out in a new direction; cope with difficult and trying times.

Additionally, I work with animals and plants to help them recover from trauma and return to health.