Molly's Path Toward Healing

My path toward healing lead me spiraling through time and experiences that continue to unfold and transform. My personal journey started in 1997 upon reading "The Green Pharmacy" by James Duke.

Having encountered chronic foot pain since 1994, the book led to my conclusion that over-the-counter medicines did little more than mask the pain, and were not creating the healing I needed.

At this time I was in my second year as an undergrad at the University of New Hampshire, where I studied biology, psychology, Spanish and English. I also worked as a youth counselor in an adolescent group home, where I began facilitating yoga classes for teens and working in the home's crisis/respite program for elementary school children.

In 2001 I invested more of my life to the study and understanding of herbalism. As a member of a natural pharmacy, I became better acquainted with herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy, homeopathy and natural supplements. I also found myself surrounded by a growing community of alternative healers - friends that became instrumental in my transformation. I soon combined my healing experiences with my work at the natural pharmacy, facilitating a Reiki circle and coordinating a free lecture and workshop series on topics including acupuncture and zero balancing.

I spent 2002 in intense therapy and energy work to relieve stress and personal trauma. My work with Carole Hartigan, MSW, Heart Centered Therapy was instrumental in allowing me to cognitively and energetically address trauma I had experienced even earlier in my life. I was profoundly changed because of the experience, and decided to continue my education so as to assist others in healing.

Today I am happy to offer my services to people throughout the Portland, Oregon area, as well as anywhere I may travel. I provide services to people in need, regardless of their financial means. I believe in reciprocity and exchange of energy - money is one form of energy, but I am not limited to only using money as exchange. This personal belief has led me to become an active member of the PDX Time Bank, where people exchanges services within a community based network.